Split the Sheets! Dual Comfort Cotton & Fleece Sheets in One! Dual Comfort
Cotton & Fleece Sheets
in One!
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“The sheets are really nice and it is great that they are a little bigger to accommodate my pillows and bed. I just wish I could have had them years ago! I am giving them as gifts at all the weddings I attend from here on out! Every couple and single person should have several sets for themselves as as gifts to give to others! Thank you!"  (Portland, OR)

“I like to sleep cool. I mean, I literally run a fan in my bedroom in the winter. And as cruel fate would have it, my partner likes a warm, cozy bed. These sheets are a godsend!” (Seattle, WA)

“These sheets are beyond exciting! I have the sheets and they are wonderful! Even a single person can use. You buy one set and just reverse them for the season. They are a great money saver for the single person because you buy one set for all the seasons instead of cotton for summer and flannel for winter. Thanks!! They will make a nice gift for every any occasion!” (Salem, OR)

“These sheets are a dream come true for my husband and I. He was telling me while making the bed one day, ‘Why don’t you just get a cooler and warmer fabric and sew them together and we will both be comfortable.’ And then we heard of Split the Sheets on the radio! They are WONDERFUL. I hate to say it but they saved my marriage. . . everyone should definitely have a set so they can experience them for themselves!”  (Seattle, WA)

"My life is so much better now! I received my sheets last week and have been in seventh heaven every night since then. My husband is happy because I've gone back to silky nightgowns. I'm happy because I can crawl into bed and no spend the first half hour shivering! I've been spreading the word - these sheets have made my life so much better that I want all my friends to reap the rewards of your sheets!" (Terry, Phoenix AZ)

"I am so happy that you came up with this idea!!! These sheets are great for both my husband and I. The polar fleece (which is my side) are so incredibly comfortable I cannot wait to get in the bed at night. Even though I am usually cold, all I need are these sheets and not even an extra blanket. Thank you so much for following through on your idea." (Babette, Federal Way WA)

"These sheets are the best thing going and have made for a very happy husband who can't wait to get into his warm side of the bed and hates to get out in the morning. Let me know when your new colors will be available, as I would like to order another set for next winter. Thanks for the great idea!" (Joann, Kensington CT)

"Your product is so wonderful! We can hardly wait to get to bed at night. You have saved our marriage. You are my HERO!" (Martha, Los Angeles CA)




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